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  Digital Signage Software - Click-and-Play!
Digital signage displays show product information, advertisement, news and other content in public places like retail stores, airports, car dealerships and restaurants. SiteCaster Digital Signage software gets you started quickly since it is easy to set up and maintain.
Keep control using SiteCaster and SiteRemote  
The server-based SiteRemote remote management console provides you with all the features and tools to stay in control of your remote Digital Signage displays. You can easily check the status of your displays, be informed of errors and even perform maintenance directly on your machines using remote desktop access. Sign up for a free 30 day test account at
  Interactive Digital Signage integration with SiteKiosk
The upcoming new version of our kiosk software, SiteKiosk Version 8, will allow you to utilize the SiteCaster Digital Signage solution on your kiosks. Display your digital signage campaigns on your kiosks as attract-loop during idle time and have the kiosk switch back to the kiosk software user interface upon activity at the kiosk (keyboard input, mouse movement) or triggered by a pressure mat or a webcam.
Lease or buy  
The easiest way to get started is to use our cloud platform, which only requires you to pay an annual fee per machine. However, if you require customization and need to manage a large number of digital signage players, you should consider licensing our server software to run your server in-house.

Just a few steps and you are done

1. Create
Sign up for an account at and drag & drop your media files to create a campaign.
2. Schedule
Schedule the display date and time for each campaign that you have created.
3. Publish
Select which screens to send the campaign to. Content is shared from peer to peer.

  4. Monitor
Verify the status of all monitored devices through a management console that is hosted on a server. All you need is a PC with Internet access.
  Setup & Features  

1 to 10,000 displays/terminals   Easy software installation   Remote management account
As SiteCaster is scalable, it does not matter if you run one display or up to 10,000 displays at the same time.     Benefit from all remote management features SiteRemote has to offer and utilize them in with your SiteCaster players. Open a remote management account at

Creating and managing campaigns
Web-based control   Simple campaign creation   A multitude of supported formats
You can create and manage the content displayed on your displays from a remote location using your web browser.     Images (PNG, JPG), video files (H.264 and WMV), websites (HTML, Flash), and text (RSS, static or ticker).
An abundance of transition effects   Layout templates  
Spice up your presentation by adding dazzling effects from a wide variety of choices.     There are no limitations to the screen resolution of your campaigns, so you can for example use displays with Full HD or even higher resolutions.
  Sharing with ease  
Find out at a glance which campaigns at which time are scheduled for playback. Edit and adjust your settings if needed.     Monitoring your campaign is as easy with SiteRemote's management console.

SiteCaster Player software
Software monitoring on the display device   Offline playback   No fixed IP necessary
When experiencing an error, the SiteCaster Player software will restart automatically on the local display device and send an optional notification by email.     You can run SiteCaster display devices on your LAN (Intranet) or a WAN (Internet). The display devices do not require a static IP address.

SiteCaster – Employee Information System
Keep your employees informed   SiteCaster as Windows Screensavers   Internet / Intranet

SiteCaster can schedule messages and other media to be shown on your hallway and breakroom screens.


With SiteCaster installed as the Windows screensaver, you can display media directly to your employees' screens.

  This Human Resource Content Management Solution can be used in your local network and company-wide intranet.


  System requirements
Windows XP SP 3 (Windows 7 recommended)
Intel or AMD x86 CPU with > 1 GHz (2.0 GHz or faster recommended)
512 MB of RAM (1 GB recommended)
DirectX 9.0-capable graphics chip with 128 MB of RAM (256 MB recommended)  
Microsoft Silverlight plug-in (installation possible directly on the website)  
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A volte nascono prima i progetti dei chioschi: questo è il vero valore aggiunte che Totem sa garantire ai propri clienti. Abbiamo parecchi esempi a supporto, probabilmente negli ultimi 10 anni abbiamo supportato almeno 7 realizzazioni di totem basati su un idea dei nostri clienti.
L’esperienza maturata nel campo della progettazione ci ha portato anche a disegnare noi stessi alcuni progetti in cui poi abbiamo integrato i nostri chioschi: Il progetto Egos per esempio prevede due linee di chioschi a supporto di servizi telematici di e-guidance, destinati agli utenti che ricercano una nuova posizione lavorativa; Il progetto VMS (Visitor Management System) è nato a supporto di una grande azienda che aveva la necessità di processare oltre 1000 visitatori giornalieri presso i propri stabilimenti. Se avete un idea, o un progetto.. sicuramente esiste un sistema chiosco in grado di semplificarlo. (vedi sezione Case Histories).
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