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Nuova Pignone FI
A customized visitor management system with a badge issuer and six columns for the return of the company badge. Made in collaboration with Florence I.S.E. srl, it manages more than 1000 daily contacts. The real test for ID-Kiosk.

An informative project promoted by Videowork Spa and distributed in production unities through the installation of Zelig kiosks giving information and real time updates.
Ansaldo Energia
A network of Zelig Plus kiosks with a barcode scanner, laser printer and special supports for the simplification of some important check processes in Genoa production premises. SL Service srl is the promoter of this project.
Continental Automotive Italy
A series of Sunnydale kiosks configured exactly on the customer's specific requests and included in the productive chain with test and check functions of the company logistic. Integrated with the indoor management software thanks to PLC systems, the system gives allows control of operations of logistics and production material replenishment in total security. The project, totally followed by Totem, also planned the realization of a made ad-hoc interface software.
A system of outdoor digital frames (PICS) specially realized by Totem to support an information project that can give Sicilian chemist's shop customers specific and updated information about opening and closing shifts 24 hours a day.
A network of Prisma model outdoor positions at the service of real time information spread on the services provided to passengers by Bari Port Harbour Authority. Almaviva S.p.A. was the promoter of the project.
The last Totem products show this changing: starting with the Visitors Management System – able to recognize and identify a supplier/visitor and supply him with a fully registered and plastic folded badge in less than one minute (and everything checked by safety service) – and ending with the e-guidance application, developed in Europe area inside the Egos project.
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Kiosks are not identical, because they have to serve many different purposes that, above all, are changeable in time. Services are evolving and kiosks are often demanded to support new functionalities. We know well; this is the reason why we continually work out new models. Each of our kiosks is designed considering the specific functions it will have to fulfill. That's why we don't ask our customers which kiosk they want to buy...but which functions they want it to have; we perfectly know which is the right kiosk for your project and, in the bad case it should not be on the list, we know how to design it.
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