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Totem has worked on designing and building multimedia kiosks and Digital Signage since 1995. Over the years we have established important business relations with a number of companies which have the capacity, in their background, to develop services and products perfectly suited to interactive kiosks. These relations sometimes become real partnerships in which all partners work to develop solutions and products aimed at meeting specific requirements.

CETMA Brindisi
Planning, design and material technology centre

For many years now Computer Engineering Division of Cetma Consortium and Totem have been working together on the development and testing of a system designed to simplify and automate acceptance paperwork in authorized Health Centers.
The integration of the competences of Cetma Consortium in innovative software solutions and the competences of Totem in proper hardware configurations made it possible to build the e-Health Kiosk.

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Kiosks are not identical, because they have to serve many different purposes that, above all, are changeable in time. Services are evolving and kiosks are often demanded to support new functionalities. We know well; this is the reason why we continually work out new models. Each of our kiosks is designed considering the specific functions it will have to fulfill. That's why we don't ask our customers which kiosk they want to buy...but which functions they want it to have; we perfectly know which is the right kiosk for your project and, in the bad case it should not be on the list, we know how to design it.
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